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ROYAL CANIN® Indoor 7+ Gravy Adult Mature Wet Cat Food Pouches 12 x 85g


Royal Canin Indoor is designed for cats living indoors (aged 7+ years). The Royal Canin Cat Food Range offers innovation and nutritional precision for your cat's health.


After the age of 7 years, a cat starts feeling the effects of ageing. Kidney function, joints and the immune system are the first to be affected. Teeth and gums can also become sensitive making it difficult to chew. Proper nutrition for indoor ageing cats is essential to ensure they live a long and happy life.

Indoor 7+ contains an ageing support complex including powerful antioxidants to combat cell ageing, omega 6 fatty acids to nourish the cat’s coat and glucosamine and chondroitin to support ageing joints.

Age Support Complex - Indoor 7+ includes powerful antioxidants like vitamins E & C and green tea extracts to combat cell ageing, as well as omega 6 fatty acids to nourish the cat’s coat and specifc nutrients to support ageing joints.
Coat Condition - Contains a high protein level and targeted nutrients which help promote a healthy skin and coat.
Renal Health - Kidney disease is extremely prevalent in the ageing cat population and is one of the most common medical reasons older cats are seen by veterinarians. Indoor 7+ is reduced in phosphorus which helps support renal health.</p>"

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