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Heyrex 2 - Your dog’s personal health, fitness & location tracker

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Know your dog’s every move, location, mood and milestone!

The Heyrex 2 is a smart device worn on your dogs collar that helps you keep tabs on your pet. Heyrex 2 gives you wellbeing, location, sleep quality, and activity monitoring. So you’re both ready for any adventure.

This AI-powered pet wearable monitors your dog’s daily habits – keeping them healthier and happier over a lifetime. 

With this personal doggy data at your fingertips, you’ll understand how your dog is behaving and feeling. And with GPS tracking, you’ll always know exactly where they are.

Heyrex™ connectivity subscription required. Starting from $11.50 per month. Information on how to set up the subscription is contained in the box with the product. It’s seriously smart doggy data!  The Heyrex app is loads of fun to use – giving you super cute updates on your fur baby. But rest assured, there’s serious veterinary science behind it.

Good cellular connectivity required at the dogs usual location. Wifi required.