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ROYAL CANIN® Instinctive Gravy Adult Wet Cat Food Pouches 12 x 85g


Royal Canin Instinctive Jelly for adult cats 1 - 7 years.


Instinctively Preferred. Formulated to match the optimal macronutrient profile instinctively preferred by adult cats.

Healthy Urinary System. Helps promote a healthy urinary system.

Maintains Ideal Weight. Adapted calorie content helps maintain ideal weight.



Composition: Meat and Animal Derivatives, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Oils and Fats, Minerals, Various Sugars.

Additives (per kg): Nutritional additives: Vitamin D3: 100IU, E1 (Iron): 4mg, E2 (Iodine): 0.3mg, E4 (Copper): 2.5mg, E5 (Manganese): 1.2mg, E6 (Zinc): 12mg.

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