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Puppy Pro Tech Milk

Original price $72.50 - Original price $72.50
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$72.50 - $72.50
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Scientifically proven to support puppies during the colostrum stage and the milk stage until weaning.

• The ideal maternal colostrum supplement in the first 24 hours.
• Continues to support development until weaning.
• Created by nutritional experts, PUPPY PRO TECH offers professionals a new way to
support every puppy, including most at risk.



Please Note: Royal Canin® takes pride in ensuring the scientific reliability of all product information. The information in this product listing was true and accurate at the time of publication. However, please note that from time to time, for example due to ingredient availability or a change in sourcing factory within our global factory network for the purpose of ongoing supply, it is necessary to make product changes at short notice, and there may be some delays in updating the information in our product materials.