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Nutreats Vitals Puppy Prime 50g


NUTREATS Vitals Puppy Prime is a 100% natural multi-vitamin supplement formulated for puppies’ bones, teeth, skin, coat and muscle function. It provides a daily nutritional boost to your puppy’s diet, including calcium, protein, fat and multi-vitamins.

The rich source of multivitamins may help to:

  • Accelerate bone and muscle growth
  • Support a healthy, shiny coat
  • Increase flexibility and mobility in puppies and small dogs

Puppy prime is great for preventing any potential joint and mobility issues that often arise later in life. Arthritis can occur in dogs when joints become inflamed and cartilage becomes damaged. To prevent this, we’d recommend starting them on a supplement while they’re young – rather than intervening once the damage is done.

The advanced formula is gentle on little tums, and has no negative side effects as the ingredients are 100% natural.

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