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Bravecto Chew For Dogs


3 months flea and tick protection in a tasty chew.

Why choose Bravecto chew for your dog:

  • Long lasting, flea and tick protection for dogs.
  • Treat every 3 months for flea and tick protection. Less frequent dosing makes it easier to treat dogs. Only 4 doses a year.
  • Rapid onset of action and long lasting protection against fleas on your dog with no viable egg production.
  • Aligns with quarterly worming.
  • Effective against sarcoptes, ear mite and demodex mite after a single treatment.
  • Easy to give tasty chew that dogs love and they can swim or get wet immediately.
  • Safe for use in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs, as well as MDR1 breeds, like collies.
  • Available for dogs in 5 weight ranges from 2 to 56 kg.
  • New Zealand’s No. 1 flea treatment for dogs, (Baron Industry data, June 2021).  


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